photo by Jason Fracaro

photo by Jason Fracaro

Fatelink Productions is proud to announce its latest project, Guys Reading Poems.

Guys Reading Poems follows a subterranean secret society of men facing grave danger whose thoughts, feelings and relationships with one another are expressed through poetry rather than traditional film dialogue. Five chapters of poetry are examined: youth, love, anamnesis, death and eidolon. Each chapter begins with a selection from the Bible, traverses through public domain poetry spanning hundreds of years, then ends with a piece written by a modern poet living in Los Angeles.

Mr. Hughes will direct and produce the project. Fatelink CIO/project manager Jason Fracaro will also serve as a producer, along with Fatelink CFO/executive producer J. Parker Buell and associate producer Sammy Dean Kusler.

Award-winning cinematographer Michael Marius Pessah will serve as director of photography. Haute coutre designer Shpetim Zero leads the wardrobe department.  The project’s make-up artist is Celina Yun and sound artist Kombo Breaker is set to re-mix Guys Reading Poems. 

Guys Reading Poems features a cast of eight, including Mr. Fracaro and Mr. Hughes. Other actors include: Gopal Divan, Jerod Meagher, Vincent Montuel, Kendrick Sampson, Justin Schwan and Blake Sheldon.

Poems range from anonymous authors in the Bible to William Blake to modern day poet Steven Reigns on topics like youth, romantic love, memory, death and spiritual transformation. Guys Reading Poems aims to re-contextualize timeless poetry in a ritualistic exploration of the human life cycle.

To support the men of Guys Reading Poems, please consider making a Paypal donation or buying downloads of Fatelink’s previous projects. Details are available on our Support page.

Guys Reading Poems is scheduled to be shot in Summer, 2013 with a release date in the Fall.

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