A week into our campaign, we’ve raised almost $6,000 and a LOT of awareness about “Guys Reading Poems.” Our video has received an incredible response and has been shared more than 375 times on Facebook. Our Fatelink Facebook page has received 75 new followers since the launch and we’ve received an amazing mention in ‘The Final Image‘ with the photo below:

Actor Gopal Divan walks down a lonesome hallway.

Photo by Michael Pessah

Our backers are doing an amazing job of spreading the word about our campaign. Every tweet, email and FB post about our projects helps us to reach new potential backers. So please connect with us on Twitter – Twitter.com/Fatelink and Facebook –Facebook.com/Fatelink and “like” our updates to spread the word. You can also check out our press release here: shar.es/FDNL7

A special thank-you to ALL our backers so far. They are:


1. Richard Scharfenberg

2. Rita Lavery

3. Moira Leeper

4. Dolores Scozzesi

5. Jason Fracaro

6. Josh Cohen

7. Dinisha Gagoomal

8. Kristine Kreska

9. Bernadette

10. David Fleischer

11. Elise Salomon

12. Alyssa Bird

13. Rachel

14. Andrew Fracaro

15. BurlingK

16. Christopher Courtner

17. Stephan McKenzie

18. Angela Weiland-Crosby

19. Bryan Walsingham

20. Dee Smith Bailey

21. Monte Patterson

22. Guy Shalem & Dennis Hensley

23. Debra

24. Kerry H. Buell

25. Eva Zubickova

26. David Carstens

27. Greg Flaniken

28. Helenna Santos

Every dollar counts so please encourage folks to give what they can, whether the amount is big or small! Also, special thanks and shout-out to “Boy Culture” and the “American Horror Story” blogs who’ve publicized our campaign. Thank you!

In Poets We Trust,

Hunter Lee Hughes

Director, “Guys Reading Poems”


Guys Reading Poems banner image with seven gentlemen dressed in suits shot in black and white. Each of the men are displayed in their own slim pannel.

Photography by Jason Fracaro


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