Last week, I returned to my Texas roots not only to experience SXSW, but also to catch up with beloved friends and family. We even had a fundraiser in Houston at Absolve Wine Lounge for “Guys Reading Poems” and the momentum of that event has pushed us beyond 20% of our fundraising goal! We’re thrilled, especially considering we still have 35 days left, not to mention our big fundraiser in Los Angeles on Monday night. (For details on that event, check out our invite here:

I was joined at the festival by three very important friends – Jerod Meagher, Sammy Kusler and Richard Scharfenberg. Jerod stars in “Guys Reading Poems.” Sammy serves on our producing team. Richard was our very first backer when our campaign launched. Quite a special crew!

We even stopped by my cousin Laurel Moulton’s volunteer event on behalf of homeless puppies. That’s right, homeless puppies. Yes, we are poets at heart and have a huge soft spot for homeless puppies. I repeat – homeless puppies. The evidence is below!

"Guys Reading Poems" star Jerod Meagher with a homeless puppy.
“Guys Reading Poems” star Jerod Meagher with a homeless puppy.

As always, thank you to our new backers. You are 84 proud and strong and counting! By the time we update you next, we will cross 100 backers. We’re determined! To help us with that goal, please share us with your friends and let them know that they can support poetry cinema as little as $1. That’s less than a latte!


67. Joe Perales

68. David Art

69. Paul

70. Jon Henry Szymanski

71. Tafi Stephanie Bandelin

72. Coca Xie

73. Angelique Gray

74. Liz Eckstein

75. Jade Hykush

76. Katherine White

77. Steven Deterling

78. Tracey Verhoeven

79. Julie Olen

80. Steven Reigns

81. Jennifer Tate Thompson

82. Colin Newsom

83. Katriona Macnab

84. Amy Esdorn

Many thanks for your continued support!

In Poets We Trust,

Hunter Lee Hughes

Director, “Guys Reading Poems”

Guys Reading Poems banner image with seven gentlemen dressed in suits shot in black and white. Each of the men are displayed in their own slim pannel.

Photography by Jason Fracaro


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