First and foremost, we’re proud to welcome actor Daniel Berilla to the cast of “Guys Reading Poems.” You may recognize Daniel for his appearance on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” or in one of his films like “Going Down in La-La Land.” (Luckily, in real life, Daniel appears to be headed up, not down).

Daniel Berilla joins the cast of "Guys Reading Poems"
Daniel Berilla joins the cast of “Guys Reading Poems”

To celebrate Daniel’s casting, we’re headed out on the town tomorrow in our new, QR-friendly t-shirts to stir up some new pledges and meet new backers. We’re extremely proud that we crossed 150 backers today. But we have an even more ambitious goal for the next 48 hours. We want to cross 200 backers in just two days. What do you think of our t-shirt idea? That’s right…Hunter Lee Hughes is 100% scannable.

Hunter Lee Hughes prepares to meet new backers
Hunter Lee Hughes prepares to meet new backers

We are leaving no stone unturned in our campaign to find every single backer who’s a match for this project. And remember, we’d love to include YOUR photo in our album of backers on Facebook, so please send your photo to: if you’d like to be included. You can check out the album at:

Now, on to the most important duty of the day – THANKING OUR NEW BACKERS. And be patient because we have a LOT of new backers today. Special SHOUT-OUT to Ruth Brown, a family friend in her 90s who wasn’t sure how to use Kickstarter so donated through upping the pledge of Hunter’s mom. Thank you, Ruth! Your pledge is much appreciated!!!

A special thank-you to ALL our backers so far. They are:


131. Lee Hawn

132. Aaron Estes

133. Stu Krieger

134. Makoto Ishii

135. Matthew Parr

136. William Barrantes

137. Melinda Hughes

138. AnnMarie Cox

139. Renee Geyer-Ennis

140. Yanti Rowland

141. Cecilia Vinkel

142. Taunia Fears

143. Brad Wiss

144. Chris Freeman

145. Jessica Bixby

146. Marissa Criswell

147. Whitney Echols

148. David Nurnberg

149. Sonya Lano

150. Julie Carr

151. Carl Compton

Thank you ALL! So glad to have you on our team.

In Poets We Trust,

Hunter Lee Hughes

Director, “Guys Reading Poems”


Guys Reading Poems banner image with seven gentlemen dressed in suits shot in black and white. Each of the men are displayed in their own slim pannel.

Photography by Jason Fracaro


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