We’ve had incredible momentum in the last two days with 22 new backers. (As usual, our new backers are listed below with our deepest gratitude).

And…we’ve been growing on other platforms as well! When this campaign started, Fatelink had 176 Twitter follows. That’s up to 367 followers in the course of a few days! Guess quite a few people ARE interested in: All-Male Secret Society + Suits + Knife + Tarot + Rope + Neck Tattoos = Shhhhhhhh.

Tomorrow, director Hunter Lee Hughes, actor Jerod Meagher and co-producer Sammy Dean Kusler travel to Texas for SXSW. So if any of you are in Austin, or knows someone who is going to the festival, send us a message!

Our wonderful list of new backers includes:


45. Lewis Kane

46. David Zimmerman

47. Shannon Bowen

48. Barry Schoenfeld

49. Gordon Morris

50. Lambert Cheung

51. Jamie Bandelin

52. Sarah Carroll

53. Kevin Boot

54. Joanna Catindig

55. Jiten Menda

56. Dustin Watchman

57. Ilana Lydia Holden

58. Jimmy Dinh

59. Sergio Jimenez Lacima

60. Arlene McKenna

61. Dorothy Blyskal

62. Robert Goodman

63. Matt Rocklin

64. Ethan Rains

65. Thomas James O’Leary

66. Trevor Goff

In Poets We Trust,

Hunter Lee Hughes, Director – “Guys Reading Poems”

Photo by J. Fracaro
Photo by J. Fracaro
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