Tomorrow night, Alexander Dreymon of “American Horror Story” and comedian Natasha Pearl Hansen host our fundraiser for “Guys Reading Poems” along with the cast of the film. So if you’re hankering for some green beer, green s’mores and mint chocolate cheesecake, please head on down to Addiction Bistro at 408 N. La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA 90048. We’ll have lists of backers and all our backers will receive 10% off your order as a thank-you from us! Check out the details of the event here:

Green s'mores at The Addiction Bistro
Green s’mores at The Addiction Bistro

On another note, we are at 99 backers!!! I repeat – 99 backers!!! So we need your help to cross 100. Please reach out to one person – one poetry lover, one film enthusiast, one friend – and see if they will pledge just $1 (that’s less than a latte) to support our project. If you succeed, we’re sure to pass 100 backers before our fundraiser to help us generate that magical fundraising mojo!

Interesting note about this list of backers. The last 48 hours generated the first list of backers that includes more people that are unknown to me than known. It feels wonderful to see that the project’s message and mission has begun to reach those outside my circle of friends and family. Welcome onboard the magical journey of “Guys Reading Poems.” A huge THANK YOU to all our new backers, including:

85. Michelle Conway

86. Whitney

87. Derrick Sanders

88. Andrea Schonfeld Crounk

89. Jessica Shim

90. Andy Nicastro

91. Clara Jo Bradshaw-Utt

92. Danny L. Ray

93. Stephen Blaha

94. Christopher Pearson

95. Laurent Langlais

96. Blake Sims

97. Bennett Yellin

98. Gopal Divan

99. Brian McPhee

100. ???????? It’s up to you!!!!

In poets we trust,

Hunter Lee Hughes

Director, “Guys Reading Poems”

Guys Reading Poems banner image with seven gentlemen dressed in suits shot in black and white. Each of the men are displayed in their own slim pannel.

Photography by Jason Fracaro


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