Dear Loyal Backers,

We’ve reached a turning point in our campaign with the inclusion of Daniel Berilla not only in our cast, but as our marketing director for the rest of the campaign. We hit the town last night and Daniel was stopped and scanned a number of times, generating some new interest and backers for “Guys Reading Poems.”

Daniel Berilla, actor and savvy marketing guru
Daniel Berilla, actor and savvy marketing guru

The results speak for themselves. The last 48 hours have seen us rise to 182 backers! And that’s not all….

Our star Alexander Dreymon (“American Horror Story”) and Daniel will both serve as hosts of another fundraiser for “Guys Reading Poems,” this time at a super cool wine bar. We’ve got some very special treats for our backers, so stay tuned for the details on the event! You won’t be disappointed. So SAVE THE DATE – Friday, April 11th, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Look out for our next update – not only are we determined to cross 200 backers, we’ll also be releasing the first version of the “Guys Reading Poems” one-sheet, designed by the incredible graphic artist Chris Friend, who’s also a filmmaker and musician. We can’t wait to share it with you!

As always, the most important part of our update is our huge THANK YOU to our new backers. Welcome to our team and the adventure of indie cinema….


152. John Ison

153. Jason Gould

154. Makiko Adachi

155. Teresa Paredes Tribett

156. Jeannine Kaspar

157. Kayoko Dan

158. Justin Mackie

159. Nick Beckman

160. Paul Trusik

161. Jennifer Zamora

162. Terry Goetz

163. Zachary McMillan

164. William Goldman

165. James Pulizzi

166. Kanna Place

167. Julie Graham

168. Katherine Autry

169. Christiana Rodgers

170. Chantal Rambaud

171. Craig M. Hammond

172. Elizabeth England

173. Trisha Glassburn-Jones

174. Dhivina Gagoomal

175. Laurel Moulton

176. Brent Martin

177. Daniel Berilla

178. Al Fielder

179. Brian Deb-Cha

180. Benjamin Fieldler

181. Adam De La Pena

182. Adrian Chavez

Thank you ALL! So glad to have you on our team.

In Poets We Trust,

Hunter Lee Hughes

Director, “Guys Reading Poems”


Guys Reading Poems banner image with seven gentlemen dressed in suits shot in black and white. Each of the men are displayed in their own slim pannel.

Photography by Jason Fracaro


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