Guys Reading Poems producer Debbie Vandermeulen will speak at the Digital Biscuit conference in Ireland on January 30th.

The topic of her presentation will be, ‘How To Fund A Film.’

Debbie Vandermeulen,  Producer

Debbie Vandermeulen,

The panel discussion will explore the next, essential steps for filmmakers once they have a viable script. According to Vandermeulen, the creation of a dynamic and effective investment circular is critical to informing potential funders about how they can expect their investment to be returned to them.  The discussion will focus on ways to think outside of the box and access specific funding avenues, such as tax credits, distribution channels and bridge funding, that can help investors minimize risk and maximize their returns.

If you’re going to attend Digital Biscuit, stop by her panel and introduce yourself! And we’ll be sure to get a recap of the conference once she returns….

Good luck, Debbie!



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