Gopal Divan

Gopal Divan was born in Hong Kong and began acting when he was cast in a high-school production of Grease at the age of 15.

Acting roles include Krishna in Casualty (BBC), Frank Churchill in Emma (Jane Austen) and Pedro in The Guns of Carrar (Bertolt Brecht). Most recently, he was cast in one of the lead roles in a stage production of Around the World in 80 Days in Hong Kong.

Gopal plays “The Oracle” in Guys Reading Poems.

Gopal Divan as 'The Oracle.' Photo by Michael Marius Pessah.

Gopal Divan as ‘The Oracle.’ Photo by Michael Marius Pessah.



“Poetry is the utterance of deep and heartfelt truth – the true poet is very near the oracle” – Edwin Hubbel Chapin

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