A talented team has been assembled by Fatelink Proudctions to bring Guys Reading Poems to the big screen.

Guys Reading Poems is the brainchild of multi-disciplinary artist Hunter Lee Hughes, who wrote the film and directs the project. Award-winning cinematographer Michael Marius Pessah serves as our director of photography. Nathaly Lopez provides production design, while Haute coutre designer Shpetim Zero leads our wardrobe department. Celina Yun leads our make-up department while Joachim Horsley provides original music for the film. Patrick Kennelly is our editor.

Hughes, Jason Fracaro and Debbie Vandermeulen are the film’s producers, along with Elizabeth A. BellJ. Parker Buell, Anja Gohde (on behalf of the Crema Family Foundation), Neelou Malekpour and Johann Moonesinghe, our executive producers, and Bradley R. Bernstein, Kerry Buell and Tom Liebengood, our co-executive producers. Sammy Dean Kusler, Paul Trusik and Terry Nitschke serve as co-producers while Josh Robert Cohen, Michael Fister, Jordan Gregory,  John C. Hall, Patrick Holzen and Robert D. Womack round out our team as associate producers.

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