Anthony Sturmas


Anthony Sturmas,
Storyboard Artist

Anthony Sturmas (storyboard artist) was born in Los Angeles California in June of 1969. His family moved here after living in Chicago. They thought California was a dream due to the weather and watching the Rose Parade on TV in the middle of December (…while Chicago was freezing!). In the early 1980’s, soon after his father passed away, graffiti artists stormed Los Angeles. For Anthony, it was an inspiration and “breath of fresh air.” Radical and significant, graffiti became an outlet for him. He attended South High School in 1987 and then went off into the real world by knocking on doors of businesses for his freelance work. He appeared in The Los Angeles Times and The Daily Breeze for his wall murals on small businesses. Soon after, he received a scholarship at Art Center College of Design with instructor Marc Strictland.

After gaining his experience in business, he then completed his Bachelor’s degree in Multi Media Animation in 2006 from the Art Institute of Los Angeles. During his college years, he formed a studio called Asturmas Studios and completed a 2d and 3d Animated Trailer depicting society called The Redstorm (2006). He wrote, produced and co-directed the project. In his last year in college, he received an offer to teach a pilot program for USC in Photoshop by Kristen Ferguson.

While at the Art Institute of Los Angeles, he was instructed by Marjan and Suzuki in the informal studio class of life drawing. There, he absorbed the acute attention to form associated with the foundation of anatomy and the important fundamentals of the human form. Subsequently, he refined his own visual and conceptual work once learning from these masters. Some of his earlier influences were Robert Williams and NYC Graffiti Artist SEEN.

Today, Anthony has committed his energy to observing his style and the historical aspects of graffiti culture. He branched into creating animated films, storyboarding, directing, and designing book covers (Brian Krogstad Dark Application ONE). His storyboards and style have been impacted by Bill Recinos (storyboard artist for Ghostbusters) and Douglas Kirk (DreamWorks). Both men influenced him to look out for the proper way of doing storyboards. With that mentoring, Anthony secured a strong foundation for the opportunity to work on Deadlands III: The Last Stand as the storyboard artist for director Gary Ugarek.

He’s worked on an animated feature called The Cannoli’s as the storyboard artist and did concept art for director Anthony Ferrante of Sharknado, co-director Ethan Maniquis of Machete (Squirrels), a music video (Meital Dohan) for director and writer Dom Mazuran of Exile to Babylon, concept art for director Damion Dietz, concept art for director Christopher Farely from Atom Nine Adventures, illustration work for director Michael Yates for the ending credits of The Surfer and storyboards for The Rising.

Anthony’s favorite poet is Vyt Bakaitis.

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