Celina Dalnim Yun

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Celina Dalnim Yun
Make-up Artist

Celina Dalnim Yun (make-up department head) had a childhood fascination with paper dolls and painting that eventually led to a career in make-up artistry. In 1995, she began her career in South Korea and is now rebuilding in the United States. Her many experiences working in a crew as a make-up artist for film and television taught her not only what she could accomplish as an individual, but also what it meant to be part of something larger than yourself and how to work with a group to accomplish a shared goal.

As captain of the make-up department, Celina learned to create beauty make-up, FX make-up, body paint, hair work as well as wig extensions and facial hair. Later on, her passion for body painting led her to create props and costumes for several specials on stage, film and television while focusing on make-up. She was accepted in make-up fields in South Korea as well as in the United States. Concurrently, she has been working as an FX make-up artist, body painter and make-up stylist in a wide variety of fields.

She previously worked on the make-up team for Fatelink’s project Dumbass Filmmakers!

Celina’s favorite poet is Dong-joo Yoon.

You may learn more about her at: celinayun.com

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