Jason Fracaro

Jason Fracaro

Jason Fracaro, Producer

With over four years of experience in the production realm, Jason Fracaro (producer) brings a diverse background to the project as one of its producers. Clients and projects that Jason has collaborated with include The Academy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Louis Vuitton, Viacom, FOX, Kia, and Google.

What I find exciting about this project is that it’s something that hasn’t been done before. When people actually hear that Guys Reading Poems is unlike what they assumed the project was going to be, you see them perk up. That’s when you know you have something golden going on here.

After having moved to Los Angeles from the sunny island of Oahu, Jason completed his theatre degree at the renowned conservatory, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Upon completion he has been busy at work on both sides of the camera. An avid photographer with over seven years of experience, his visual style can best be viewed at Soda Pop Jerks a company that he runs and curates.

His favorite poet is Christopher Wallace.

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