Nathaly Lopez

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Nathaly Lopez,
Production Designer

Nathaly Lopez (production designer) was born an artist in El Salvador in 1985. She is the first in her family to become an artist. She moved to Long Beach, California in 1995, where she expanded her creativity by participating in all kinds of art classes and competitions. She won her first contest at The Museum of Latin American Art with a surrealistic mixed media piece. She was recognized for her talents at The Lakewood Artists Guild and The Spotlight Awards and also received the ‘Medal of Merit of Art’ at Millikan High School. After attending Millikan High School, Nathaly studied at The Los Angeles Film School with a concentration in production design, where she was taught the basics of building and designing for the film industry.

Nathaly has worked on music videos, commercials, television shows, films and web series. She uses her classic artistic skills for building, painting, decorating and designing. She focuses on low budget and old filmmaking techniques because it makes her environment more challenging. She keeps learning and growing as a designer and teacher to all those who pursue art and design.

Nathaly’s favorite poet is Pablo Neruda.

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