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Guys Reading Poems - Press Release - 3/31/2017

Guys Reading Poems - Press Kit - 3/31/2017

Early Praise for Guys Reading Poems

Guys Reading Poems world premiered at the 21st annual Palm Beach International Film Festival in April, 2016 during National Poetry Month, followed by a West Coast premiere at the 19th annual Dances With Films at the iconic TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood. The film then received a prestigious Centerpiece Selection slot at qFLIX Philadelphia and won the Audience Award for Best Feature (Drama) at the 25th annual Woods Hole Film Festival. The film received the jury award "Creativity in Drama" at the 36th annual Breckenridge Film Festival and "Best of Fest" at the South Texas Underground Film Festival and most recently screened at DC Independent Film Festival in February, 2017. Now, our film comes full circle with a limited, special engagement theatrical run beginning Friday, April 28th at the Arena Cinemalounge in Hollywood. Tickets available NOW at!

Check out some of the media coverage we've received so far!

Press Coverage - English

Video Interview of our star Patricia Velasquez by The Advocate Magazine

Interview of director Hunter Lee Hughes by Q Voice News

Interview of Patricia by Fox San Antonio

Interview of Hunter in the Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts Blog.

Profile of Hunter as "Filmmaker of the Month" for Breckenridge Film Festival

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Coverage of "Guys Reading Poems" actor Rex Lee's visit to Breckenridge Film Festival

WPBF (ABC affiliate) interview with Rex & Hunter

KPFK (90.7 FM) interview with Rex & Hunter

Profile/photos of Patricia in "The Advocate"

Profile on actor Christos Vasilopoulos in The Hollywood Greek Reporter

Profile of actor-associate producer Daniel Berilla in HIV Plus Magazine

Janet Gallin's profile of Hunter for

Accidental Bear coverage of our premiere announcement

Sheena Metal interview of actor Christos & Hunter on L.A. Talk Radio (starts 1:19:30)

Us vs. Film podcast interview with Hunter

Profile of Hunter in "KZaiz" online magazine 

"The Advocate" coverage of our crowdfunding campaign to finance the film

Sheena Metal interview of Hunter, Jerod Meagher, Jason Fracaro & Gopal Divan for L.A. Talk Radio during our crowdfunding campaign

Jim Koury's Diversity Rules magazine podcast of our crowdfunding campaign. The magazine also covered our premiere with a follow-up article.

Podcast interviews of director Hunter Lee Hughes, producer Debbie Vandermeulen and editor Patrick Kennelly by Jordan Gregory for his "Your Hollywood Pro" podcast.

Early Praise for Guys Reading Poems

"[Hunter Lee] Hughes’ film has a universal appeal. By channeling the pain of damaged youth into a unique filmic meditation, he has created a touchstone for anyone who struggles to reconcile these psychic scars within their own life. It’s an interior landscape that can be recognized by almost anyone, of course; and by treating it with candor, acknowledging its dark beauty, and honoring its inseparability from identity, Hughes has given us a movie which illuminates the path to transcendence.

“Guys Reading Poems” is unequivocally an art film, and as such unlikely to achieve widespread success at the box office; but for those of us who appreciate the bravery required not only to confront these difficult issues, but to explore them in such a public and honest manner, it is a much-appreciated effort and worthy of being sought out. It deserves to be called essential viewing." - John Paul King, L.A. Blade

"There is never a moment in the film that looks less than gorgeous, thanks to the black-and-white cinematography." - Jeremy Ross, Living Out Loud L.A.

 "Life is a puzzle that’s not meant to be solved, just experienced. The same is true of Hunter Lee Hughes’ ingenious feature film, Guys Reading Poems – a majestic, all-embracing account of how a vulnerable young boy learns to glibly mold his childhood suffering into art, tenderness and creative literature. Astutely constructing the motion picture as a poetry-imbued testimony for the transformative power of imagination in relieving pain, the director manages to craft a gripping mindbender that compels the viewer to gasp both in terror and awe of the complex intricacies and repercussions of heartrending art." by Alexander Ryll of Gay Essential

"Guys Reading Poems" wins "Best of Fest" at South Texas Underground Film Festival

"Guys Reading Poems" wins "Creativity in Drama" award at Breckenridge Film Festival

"Guys Reading Poems" wins Audience Award for Best Feature (Drama) at Woods Hole Film Festival

"A visual poetic experience and jaw-dropping black-and-white thriller that will leave you questioning your existence." - Ernest Owens, Philadelphia Magazine

"As a testament to why film festivals are so amazing, I was completely enthralled by the neo-noir poetry drama, Guys Reading Poems, where filmmaker Hunter Lee Hughes tells the story of a dysfunctional family through the use of poetry. Shot beautifully in black and white, this movie resembled a modern-day silent film, at times using only music and action to create the scene. This was the unexpected surprise of the festival for me!" - Nikki DeMC, Lavender Inspiration & Beach Magazine

"The film itself is a masterpiece, filmed in black-and-white and framed by poetry." - Dr. Shelley Plumb, Plumb Talk Women

“Amidst the hundreds of submissions to the 21st Palm Beach International Film Festival, Guys Reading Poems was truly unique. I knew we had to include it in this year’s lineup. What a stroke of original filmmaking. We have nothing else like it and I don’t think we ever have in our history. I can’t wait for our audiences to experience it!” - Larry Richman, Festival Director, Palm Beach International Film Festival

"As a poet and the creator of the Def Poetry series I was really interested in a movie with poetry as its central theme. I had high hopes but worried so much could go wrong, mostly it could reinforce the false notion that poetry is boring. Well, with this film that couldn't be further from the truth. The characters are interesting and well defined and the storyline is gripping and magical. The crisp cinematography pulled me into every nuance of the story, but the poetry itself is the best of all its commanding qualities. The poems themselves are thoughtful and complex. Words that I wanted to continually contemplate. They carry the production and never let go. In a succinct sentence, I can wrap this up by saying it is way dope and I wanna see it again." - Danny Simmons, creator of HBO television series "Russell Simmons' Def Poetry Jam"

La Cobertura de Prensa - Español

El Universal articulo por Patricia Velasquez

Patricia Velásquez elogiada por papel en “Guys Reading Poems" en Sol de Margarita

Patricia Velasquez foto en Nueva Era Informativa

 Guys Reading Poems - Press Release





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